No Waste

Because we only produce what is required the unmixed product remains usable in the truck. There is NO waste.


You only pay for what you use, not what you order. With no need to order that little bit extra just in case, or having to wait for an extra delivery, the cost savings are all where they belong — With You.

Small Pour

COAST-CRETE can cater to your needs when and as you are ready.

Improved Concrete Strength

With the concrete always being fresh as required we never need to add extra water. Concrete can be significantly stronger than premix with the same mix design that has been mixing in the truck for an hour.

Variable mix or Slump

COAST-CRETE can produce what is required, wet or dry, great for small jobs or multiple requirements

Remote Areas

By using the unique advantages of COAST-CRETE mixers fresh concrete can be delivered to remote areas without concern for transport times and of course materials can be stockpiled and COAST-CRETE mixers can be refilled on site.

Reach sites with difficult access

By carrying the materials in separate hoppers and not in liquid form vehicle stability can be improved and steep roadways do not cause the same load restrictions. No spilling mixed concrete on the road!

Reduced water requirements

The only wash down or out required is just the delivery chute on site, the same as any concrete delivery, no waste of water either in wash down or production. Great for the Environment.